Public graphene companies reach almost $2 billion in market value

The graphene industry seems to be flourishing, at least when looking at the valuations of public companies. As we reported earlier this year, graphene stocks have risen nicely towards the end of 2020, and the trend continues in 2021 for most companies.

Graphene companies market cap (July 2021)

The total market value of graphene companies now reaches $1.8 billion USD for the 13 leading graphene public companies we track. It is important to note that not all this value is directly related to graphene - some of the companies have other activities, mainly graphite mining and supply. But for all these companies, graphene is a major part of the business, and most of the companies are pure-play graphene companies.

In the past few months we have seen several new IPOs (or SPAC mergers) that increased the number of public graphene companies - for example Australia's GMG and UK's Tirupati Graphite.

It is true that the global markets are enjoying a good period in general, but that is not the whole story. More and more companies report larger graphene orders and as graphene adoption is on the rise in meaningful graphene projects, we expect companies to report higher revenues and hopefully finally profits as well. We still think that there may be too many graphene companies out there, and some market consolidation will probably take place in the future.

Graphene stocks share price 2021 January - July

Looking at the companies we track, for some 2021 was a very good year, while others have seen their share price drop significantly. Not all graphene related investments fared well in 2021!

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Posted: Jul 07,2021 by Ron Mertens