Tirupati Graphite starts operations at Graphene & Technology Centre in India

Tirupati Graphite has commissioned Stage 1 of the Tirupati graphene and mintech research center (TGMRC) in India. Tirupati says this marks the start of revenue generation at TGMRC and allows the company to advance commercialization engagements.

In Stage 1, the facility can initially produce up to 1 kilogram per day of graphene oxide ('GO'), reduced graphene oxide ('rGO') and aluminium graphene composite via the zero-chemical process developed by the company. Ongoing development and expansion of the facility will enable up to 10 kgs per day.

"We believe that material innovation and technology development will be one of the biggest drivers for economic growth given their potential to contribute extensively to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, said chief executive Shishir Poddar.

We are therefore delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting space having commenced commercial production at our new high-tech graphene and technology R&D center in India.

"While we expect our graphene and composite materials to provide many benefits to advanced 2D materials applications being developed around the world, the MINTECH activities are set up to target developing innovative technologies for lean and low-grade resource utilization, minimizing energy consumption and waste generation in mineral processing technologies.

Tirupati itself is already a beneficiary of MINTECH's achievements at our own primary graphite operations in Madagascar where the process yields circa 50% of tailings waste as a by-product in the form of construction sand, which can be monetized.

The facility will also yield up to 1 ton per day of high purity graphite (HPG) which is a precursor to all specialty graphite products. The company said it plans to use its supply to trial with prospective industrial end users.

Tirupati highlighted that all three of its business units primary graphite, specialty graphite and graphene - are now expected to contribute to its top line.

It expects TGMRC will generate sufficient revenues to support its ongoing operational costs.

Posted: Jul 25,2021 by Roni Peleg