Turkish defense company announces next-gen graphene-based OLED displays

Aselsan, a leading Turkish defense company that produces military radios and defense electronic systems for the Turkish Armed Forces, has reportedly designed graphene-based OLED screen prototypes with what is said by the Company to be the highest pixel resolution yet achieved.

Turkish defense giant develops graphene-based OLED displays image

The project produced monochrome miniature screens that can function without backlighting, and the results of the graphene-based OLED screen development effort were presented at the Eurodisplay Conference in Berlin.

The active matrix feature and color pixel structures of OLED technology would enable a special design for miniature or large-screen original displays to be used for military purposes at desired sizes. These products could also be used in thermal vision and avionic applications, according to Aselsan.

The prototype was developed in cooperation with Sabanci University's Nanotechnology Research and Application Center under the "Elmas" project run by the Defense Industries Undersecretariat Presidency, Aselsan representatives stated.

Posted: Aug 07,2018 by Roni Peleg