UC Riverside awarded a $1.85 million research project to develop graphene based spintronics chips

The National Science Foundation (NSF) granted a four-year $1.85 million research project to UC Riverside researchers - to develop spin-based memory and logic chip. The researchers are working towards a magnetologic gate that will serve as the engine for the new technology - similar to the role of the transistor in conventional electronics.

The magnetic gate consists of graphene contacted by several magnetic electrodes. Data is stored in the magnetic state of the electrodes, similar to the way data is stored in a magnetic hard drive. For the logic operations, electrons move through the graphene and use its spin state to compare the information held in the individual magnetic electrodes.

The project is based on the demonstration of tunneling spin injection and spin transport in graphene by the same research group in 2010.

Posted: Oct 09,2011 by Ron Mertens