UK's £50 million graphene investment detailed

Remember the UK government's plan to invest £50 million in graphene? We got some new details today about that plan. It turns out that the UK plans to build a graphene hub that will lead graphene research into a commercial success. The £50 million will be used in four initiatives, detailed below.

The National Graphene Center planThe National Graphene Center plan

£38 million will go into building a national graphene institute, to be built by the University of Manchester (which will provide an extra £7 million). This will be a world-class shared facility for graphene research and commercialization activities. The institute will be used by both researchers and business.

£12 million will be invested in graphene research equipment - across a variety of disciplines and research groups and which will be accessible to business.

The UK government will also allocate an additional £10 million of investment to support graphene engineering research, and accelerate the generation of novel devices, technologies and systems. They will also built an innovation center that will focus on market development. Investment in this new center will be around £10 million

Posted: Feb 03,2012 by Ron Mertens