Researchers from the University of Illinois used a dry deposition method they developed to deposit pieces of graphene on semiconducting substrates and on the electronic character of graphene at room temperature they observed using the method. The reported their finding in a paper titled "Separation-Dependent Electronic Transparency of Monolayer Graphene Membranes on III-V Semiconductor Substrates".

The paper gives insight into a "understanding substrate-graphene interactions toward integration into future nanoelectronic devices". The project investigated the electronic character of the underlying substrate of graphene at room temperature and reports on "an apparent electronic semitransparency at high bias of the nanometer-sized monolayer graphene pieces observed using an ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope (UHV-STM) and corroborated via first-principles studies." This semitransparency was made manifest through observation of the substrate atomic structure through the graphene.