U.S-based Urbix Resources has unveiled new high-density, low leakage graphene-based supercapacitors. According to Urbix, these supercapacitors have energy density of >75 wH/L with volumetric discharge energy density that is five times larger than average, with the lowest leakage rate in market (<1μA/day over 30 days) and operational temperatures that go from -40° C to 70°C.

Urbix launches graphene supercaps image

The supercapacitors can be customized to meet customer specifications, and can be included in other proprietary Urbix Energy Storage Systems upon request. According to Urbix, the products come in 3 form factors: 2032 (with capacitance of 2.5F), 2430 (4F capacitance) and custom (with custom capacitance).