Versarien enters agreement with AXIA Materials on smart building and EV applications

Versarien, the advanced materials engineering group, has announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with AXIA Materials to develop graphene-enhanced composite materials and smart graphene devices using both Versarien's proprietary Nanene graphene nano platelets and proprietary Graphinks graphene inks.

AXIA, based in South Korea, develops advanced thermoplastic composite material solutions under its LiteTex brand for the automotive, sports, electronics and building sectors, and produces pre-fabricated buildings under its Pixel Haus brand.

Versarien will initially work with AXIA on two projects:
  • Smart Buildings - Versarien's Graphinks will be used to incorporate sensors and thermal devices into composite building panels and Versarien's Nanene will be used to develop graphene enhanced materials which will be used in structural composites.
  • Electric Vehicle applications - Versarien's Graphinks will be used to add smart systems to a composite electric vehicle battery tray and Versarien's Nanene will be used to improve the properties of the composite structure. The battery tray is being developed with automotive battery system manufacturers for use by global automotive OEMs.

The relationship with AXIA developed from the recent visit to South Korea by Versarien management with Innovate UK and the European Enterprise Network's Global Business Accelerator Programme. This relationship will be supported by the UK Government's Department for International Trade ("DIT").

Commenting Justin Jin, CEO of AXIA, said: "As a composite materials development and manufacturing company our goal has been to develop multi-functional solutions which are integrated and embedded into our structural materials. With Versarien's Graphinks solutions we believe that we can integrate sensors and electric circuits into composite building materials for smart houses and with Nanene ensure rapid heat dissipation in integrated electric vehicle battery tray systems and improve composite building materials. We believe there will be many more opportunities to utilize Versarien's materials technology to bring game changing solutions to the market. We are very excited to start working with Versarien."

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, commented: "We are delighted to have signed this agreement with AXIA, which demonstrates the global demand for Versarien's graphene products". "We look forward to working with AXIA and their customers to develop a variety of graphene enhanced systems and technologies. The relationship with AXIA is an important step for Versarien and illustrates the wide range of applications that Versarien's Nanene and Graphinks can be applied to".

Posted: Aug 23,2018 by Roni Peleg