Versarien secures a significant graphene order

Versarien, the advanced materials group, announced the receipt of a significant graphene order for a carbon fibre composite related OEM application.

Versarien has received an order with a value of over £100,000 (around $124,900 USD) for graphene in the form of Few Layer Graphene Nano Platelets (GNPs) from a European commercial customer, in conjunction with the NGI. This graphene will be certified by the NGI and Versarien will be handling the dispersion of the GNPs into the resin to be used by the customer. The resin will be provided by the customer free of charge and will be returned to the customer in Europe once mixed with Versarien's GNPs.

The addition of Versarien's GNPs is expected to provide a significant performance improvement to the customers' product and further significant orders would be required to fulfil market potential.

In October 2016, Versarien announced the successful completion of a grant funded project focused on graphene enhanced carbon fibre composites with the National Graphene Institute (NGI) at The University of Manchester. Following these test results the NGI has reportedly purchased a significant quantity of material from Versarien.

Posted: Nov 30,2016 by Roni Peleg