Back in October 2012 we reported that Vorbeck Materials completed their first capacity expansion step in their Jessup, MD facility (annual capacity is now over 40 tons) and they are still on track to build a new 42,000 square foot production facility in Pocomoke City, MD. Now the National Science Foundation (NSF) posted a hightlight on Vorbeck (who's supported by the NSF).

Vorbeck's Vor-ink graphene-based conductive ink for electronics is one of the first (if not the first) graphene product on the market. The Siren anti-theft packaging device, which uses their graphene-based Vor-Ink circuitry started shipping back in December 2011. Now the company posted a nice video - showing how Vor-Ink maintains its properties even after extreme crunching and bending (and washing)...

Vorbeck says that Vor-ink is a type of conductive ink that allows circuits to be drawn or printed on a variety of substrate materials including paper, paperboard, and polymer films. When compared to traditional industrial standards, it is a more economical way to lay down modern printed circuit boards that are common in today's computer-enabled world.