XG Sciences’ recent expansion adds graphene production capacity

XG Sciences has announced the completion of the first phase of expansion in its newest 64,000 square-foot facility. The expansion has added 90 metric tons of graphene nanoplatelet production capacity, bringing the total capacity of the facility up to approximately 180 metric tons and enabling the formulation of up to 18 million kilograms of advanced materials per year. Phase two of the expansion is expected to be complete by year-end and will result in up to 400 metric tons of total graphene nanoplatelet output capacity at the facility.

XG's total graphene nanoplatelet output capacity across both of its manufacturing facilities currently exceeds 200 metric tons per year and will more than double over the next three months, reaching up to an approximate 450 metric tons by year-end. The expansions support XG’s mission to continue commercializing the use of graphene in customer products across diverse industries.

XG’s increasing capacity and expanding research and development (R&D) team will support the reportedly growing demand for XG products over the next several quarters.

“Expanding our production capacity and R&D team allows us to reach higher-volume customers and to leverage additional expertise to develop innovative solutions for those customers,” said XG Sciences’ Chief Commercial Officer Bamidele Ali. “The expertise of our teams combined with increased capacity and our proprietary manufacturing technology puts us in a good position to further our leadership in the commercialization of graphene and will allow us to supply new advanced materials to our global customer base.”

Posted: Oct 04,2018 by Roni Peleg