XG Sciences logoXG Sciences announced that it had launched a joint program with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop a titanium-graphene composite using an advanced powder metallurgy manufacturing process.

Titanium is light, strong and corrosion resistant - and is useful in many industrial, commercial, and military applications. The problem is that it has low thermal conductivity. The programs aims to solve this issue by adding graphene - which has excellent thermal conductivity. In this collaboration, XG Sciences has the capability to mass-produce graphene nanoplatelets in high volume, while ORNL has unique capabilities for low-temperature powder metal processing.

Just last month we reported that the US DOE selected XG Sciences to develop high-energy Lithium-ion battery materials for use in extended range electric vehicle applications. In April 2012 the US Air Force Research Laboratory awarded them with a project to develop ultra high-energy capacitors for in space energy storage systems.