Zentek announces R&D contract to test ZenARMOR nano-pigments in corrosion protection aerospace paint systems

Zentek recently announced a new research and development contract through Innovative Solutions Canada to test ZenARMOR™ nano-pigment in military grade, chromate-free, corrosion protection aerospace paint systems.

The testing will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Qi Yang, and Dr. Naiheng Song, Research Officers at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Aerospace Research Centre’s Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Centre (AMTC).


Test Objectives Include:

- Confirm ZenARMOR™ meets the required aviation standards
- Optimize the concentration of ZenARMOR™ in aviation paint systems
- Compare the corrosion protection of ZenARMOR™ to chromate-based paint system

“We are grateful to have been selected for this ISC-TS by our partners at the National Research Council of Canada, which we believe is an important step in continuing to prove out the efficacy of our ZenARMOR™ technology in corrosion protection paints. This is an area that has taken on heightened importance due to the high cost of corrosion. This award confirms the Government of Canada’s commitment to working with innovative domestic companies to help address this challenge,” commented Greg Fenton, Zentek CEO.  “Importantly, we see this as a potential precursor to commercialize our technology not only within the Canadian Government, but with other interested parties, as well.”

Posted: Jun 27,2023 by Roni Peleg