Zhejiang Xenfang develops graphene-enhanced socks with >90% antibacterial effect

Zhejiang Textile New Material Technology, located in Zhuji, Zhejiang, China, is currently testing its new graphene-enhanced antibacterial socks. The Company explained that the socks are first manufactured in a traditional way, then treated with a graphene antibacterial multifunctional finishing agent.

The Company stated that rigorous tests are currently being performed to see if the required effects are achieved. The team explained that generally, most countries require that the antibacterial effect should reach more than 70%. Zhejiang Textile New Material Technology’s socks reportedly reach more than 90%.


Over the years, Zhejiang Xenfang New Material Technology has focused on Zhuji’s hosiery industry and the integration and exploration of new graphene materials has opened new paths towards innovation.

The Company explains that the technology used for the production of its antibacterial multifunctional textile is a third generation technology, compared with the fiber modification and textile raw material finishing technologies of the previous two generations, with better performance and quality.

Zhang Qi, general manager of Zhejiang Textile New Material Technology, stated: "Graphene materials combined with nano-oxides can give full play to its antibacterial and antibacterial effects. On top of that, we will deploy other functions to make it a compound multi-functional product, so that the downstream textile products In terms of products, the functionality and added value of the products will be greatly improved”. 

As a newly established scientific and technological innovation enterprise, Zhejiang Textile New Material Technology was established by Xi'an Polytechnic University’s Technical team, to use graphene antibacterial multifunctional textile technology to make socks. 

The production capacity of the antibacterial multi-functional socks has opened up an innovation path of low-cost production of antibacterial and deodorant socks for Zhuji's hosiery industry.

"As far as socks are concerned, the entire market size is at least tens of billions." Zhang Qi said and explained that next, they will work on lowering costs so that they can make high-end and fashionable products popular and affordable.

Zhejiang Xifang is looking for a global product promotion collaboration and technology upgrade cooperation. For more information, contact Zheijang Xifang's general manager here.

Posted: Feb 28,2023 by Ron Mertens