AGP signs a cooperation agreement with Garmor

Poland-based Advanced Graphene Products has signed a cooperation agreement with U.S-based Garmor, a division of Asbury Carbons, aiming to increase the scale of operations and expand its markets.

Advanced Graphene Products entered the Warsaw NewConnect market at the end of November last year. The company has an annual production capacity of 100kg of graphene flakes and 150m2 of single-crystal graphene sheets. This production capacity will allow commercialization of the developed graphene applications on an industrial scale.

The strategy of AGP involves full industrial commercialization of two to three projects (among others, in the field of anti-corrosion coatings) from the ones currently present in its portfolio within three to five years. The agreement with the European Space Agency is a continuation of previous cooperation related to the development of a cryogenic sensor based on a graphene semi-conductor sensing element.

"The collaboration with Garmor will help us to commercialize the use of graphene in paints, anti-corrosion lubricants and oils more quickly. The vast experience of our US partner, in a market that is undoubtedly one of the most innovative in the world, is of large significance. The signing of the cooperation agreement coincided with our listing at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. I think this is excellent news for all of our shareholders. We are at the beginning of our journey, but today no one doubts that graphene will change the world", commented Piotr Zawistowski, main shareholder of Advanced Graphene Products.

Garmor has patented an environmentally friendly process of commercial production of graphene - Edge Functionalized Graphene (EFG). It is owned by a global graphite and carbon materials producer - Asbury Carbons Inc. Garmor has unique graphene solutions for the enrichment of adhesives, asphalt, cement, coatings, as well as plastics and metal matrix composites.

"Asbury is thrilled with the final execution of the cooperation agreement with Advanced Graphene Products. Our teams collectively bring tremendous engineering material talent to the table for commercial graphene applications. This agreement is in lockstep with Asbury’s strategy to grow our high value-add advanced material product lines in parallel with our growing market reach into Europe. Our ongoing investment in Lumberton, North Carolina for the commercial scale production of Garmor products, in concert with upgrades to our pilot line in Orlando, Florida, is underway and will be online in late 2022 making the timing of this cooperation agreement perfectly arranged with our operational capabilities. My congratulations to the AGP and Asbury-Garmor teams - concluded Noah Nichelson, President of Asbury Carbons.

Posted: Mar 15,2022 by Roni Peleg