April 2022

Researchers propose new strategy to boost pseudocapacitive performance of micro-supercapacitors

A joint research team, led by Prof. WU Zhongshuai and Prof. FU Qiang from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), recently proposed a strategy for boosting the capacitance of graphene-based planar micro-supercapacitors (MSCs) using highly concentrated water-in-salt ambipolar redox electrolyte (ZnI2 + ZnCl2).

Using redox-active electrolytes to boost graphene electrodes is a highly-efficient strategy to increase the capacitive performance of MSCs. However, previously reported redox mediators could only offer a certain capacitance for a single electrode, leading to limited energy density due to the unmatched capacitances of two electrodes.

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AGP enters agreement with Nanosphere for the supply of graphene for the production of anti-corrosion paint

It was recently reported that Advanced Graphene Products (AGP) has signed a long-term deal with Nanosphere to supply large amounts of graphene, which will be added to the anti-corrosion paint used in the production of innovative next-generation automotive driveshafts. They will be installed in vehicles by various European manufacturers, including BMW.

"The contract with Nanosphere was concluded by the end of 2028, under which each year we will supply graphene for the production of as much as 60 tons of anti-corrosion paint. This is our second implementation of Polish graphene on an industrial scale. The first was to start the production of filament for 3D printers with the addition of graphene. We are very pleased that less than six months after our debut on the New Connect market, we can boast of real commercial implementations. So far, graphene has been treated as a material mainly used in R&D departments. Today we can talk about the use of graphene on a mass scale. We are working on new products with graphene that will be used in the automotive, aviation, energy and chemical industries "- commented Maciej Gałązka, President of AGP, quoted in the release.

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PolyJoule unveils graphene-enhanced polymer batteries

PolyJoule, a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), recently unveiled a new battery technology based on its own proprietary conductive polymers and other organic, non-metallic materials.

MIT backed start-up develops polymer-based batteries image

The battery cells were reportedly tested to perform for 12,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. The device is based on a standard, two-electrode electrochemical cell containing the conductive polymers, a carbon-graphene hybrid, and a non-flammable liquid electrolyte. Alternating anodes and cathodes are interwoven and then connected in parallel to form a cell.

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Researchers succeed in synthesizing single layers of hexagonal boron nitride on graphene

A research team led by the University of Michigan has developed a reliable, scalable method for growing single layers of hexagonal boron nitride on graphene.

Graphene-hBN structures can power LEDs that generate deep-UV light, which is impossible in today's LEDs, said Zetian Mi, U-M professor of electrical engineering and computer science and a corresponding author of the study. Deep-UV LEDs could drive smaller size and greater efficiency in a variety of devices including lasers and air purifiers.

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Graphene helps track the nanomotion of bacteria

A team of researchers from TU Delft, led by dr. Farbod Alijani, recently managed to capture the low-level noise of a single bacterium using graphene.

Being able to pick up on the miniscule sounds of bacteria can help track if an antibiotics is working, or if the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotic. Alijani's team was originally looking into the fundamentals of the mechanics of graphene, but at a certain point they wondered what would happen if it comes into contact with a single biological object.

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2D Fab to participate in a joint project for graphene-enhanced adhesives

In a joint project, 2D fab is developing renewable adhesives for wood panels and packaging. The project will run from April 2022 to September 2024.

Adhesives with graphene have the potential to improve productivity and properties, which allows them to replace fossil-based adhesives. 2D fab aims to harness the potential of graphene to develop renewable adhesives for packaging, straws, and wood panels for furniture. In this project, starch and cellulose-based adhesives containing graphene will be used to develop demonstrators.

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Many graphene companies see their share price plummet, is it a buying opportunity?

The past couple of years were very good for public graphene companies, many of which saw their share prices spike. This was partly due to a general positive market trend and also due to maturity in the graphene industry and actual commercialization of graphene-enhanced materials and devices.

Share performance of public graphenec ompanies (2022 01-04)

Since the beginning of 2022, however, the share price of most of the companies we track dropped - in some cases by over 30%. The chart above shows some of the most prominent companies.

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Purafy to work with R&D teams at St. Lawrence College and Queen's University to develop graphene-based greywater recycling technology

Purafy Clean Technologies, a company (linked to Grafoid) that provides advanced solutions to the world's water challenges, has announced that it is collaborating with teams at both St. Lawrence College and Queen's University on a project that includes of both applied- and academic-level research and development for a made-in-Canada greywater recycling technology.

The multi-dimensional research and development project is set to last at least three years, with funding support in place from both federal and provincial government channels. The greywater recycling system will be installed at Kate's Rest Foundation, a property that provides permanent housing geared towards people who were once homeless or were at risk of homelessness in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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Directa Plus enters agreement to develop graphene-based products for auto interiors market

Directa Plus has announced the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) with a leading worldwide supplier of automotive interiors to Tier 1 manufacturers to develop new products using its graphene plus technology.

The products will be based on the antimicrobial properties (antibacterial and antiviral), thermal comfort and electrical conductivity properties of Directa Plus’ G+ enhanced fabrics, according to the company's statements.

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AGM reports its latest half-year financial results

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) announced its interim results for the six months that ended on January 2022. Revenues were £46,000 (up from £42,000 in the previous half year period), while net loss was £1.9 million (up from £1.8 million).

Despite the low revenues and large loss, AGM's management says that there's a steady growth in potential pipeline projects - as these increased to 192 from 135 last year. The company also updates that it has been progressing with its developments for the battery and hydrogen fuel and storage industries.

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