BGT launches the world's first graphene based Field Effect Transistor (GFET)

Bluestone Global Tech announced a new groundbreaking product today, the world's first graphene based Field Effect Transistor. BGT's Grat-FET is a wafer with 9 different GFET chips (or FET arrays), each with 64 FETs. Grat-FET is aimed towards research and development work and not for commercial production.

BGT's GFETs are fabricated (using CVD) on a silicon wafer covered with a SiO2 layer. The high mobility (2000 cm2/Vs or more) graphene is used as the transistor channel. Each transistor consists of three terminals: source and drain metal electrodes and a global back gate.

Grat-FETs achieve both n-type and p-type transport when biased with a proper gate voltage at the substrate. Each chip contains nine different graphene channel length/width arrangements, which should accommodate different development settings.

Posted: Oct 09,2013 by Ron Mertens