Borophene, a new graphene-like 2D material, may prove to be the world's best conductor

Researchers from Brown University have shown that it is possible to create a graphene-like 2D material from Boron. This new materiel (termed Borophene) may prove to be an even better conductor than graphene.

Boron has one fewer electron than carbon so it cannot form a honeycomb lattice. But now it turns out that you can make a cluster of 36 Boron atoms (shown on the left in the image above) called B36 that looks like a disc with a hexagonal hole in the middle. This B36 can be used to form an extended planar 2D graphene-like material.

This new material was termed Borophene. The researchers didn't made it yet, it's just a calculation in the meanwhile. But the researchers predict that the material will be very strong (nearly as strong as graphene) and it will be fully metallic (not a semi-metal like graphene) - so it may be an even better conductor than graphene

Posted: Jan 28,2014 by Ron Mertens