Emberion logoEmberion, spun-off from Nokia's R&D unit, designs and develops high-performance optoelectronics based on graphene, other nanomaterials and CMOS integrated circuits. Emberion develops its own optoelectronics products, but also engages in technology licensing and can deliver integrated end products.

Emberion has two R&D sites, one in Espoo Finland and one in Cambridge, UK. The company is a member of the European Graphene Flagship program.


Enygy company logo imageEnyGy (formerly SupraG Energy) is an Australia-based company established in 2021 devoted to the development of graphene-based technologies to facilitate production of next generation energy storage solutions. 


Evercloak is a Canada-based company that creates advanced material manufacturing processes that aim to solve environmental issues. With its membrane dehumidification technology, Evercloak aims to reduce the energy that air conditioners consume by more than 50%.


Evove company logo imageEvove, formerly called G2O Water, is a UK-based technology company that aims to "transform water globally and harvest suspended resources, creating abundance while helping to decarbonize our economies".


FlexeGRAPH logoFlexeGRAPH was established in 2015 in Australia as a spin-out from ANU in Canberra to commercialize nanofluids for engines, electric vehicle batteries and computing cooling.

FlexeGRAPH produces its own graphene and other 2D materials from raw materials using a proprietary method.


FlexEnable develops OTFT-based backplanes for flexible displays, suitable for both EPD and OLED technologies. The company was spun-off from Plastic Logic in February 2015 to further develop the technology and license it for display makers.


Freevolt is a global company in the renewable energy sector, headquartered in California. 

G6 Materials

G6 Materials logo imageG6 Materials, formerly known as Graphene 3D Lab, Inc was spun-off Graphene Labs in November 2013 to focus on development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing.

Graphene 3D Lab is a public company, trading in the Canadian stock exchange (TSX:GGG, OTC: GPHBF) following a reverse-merger with Matnic Resources in August 2014. Lomiko Metals is a stakeholder in the company. In 2015 Graphene 3D Labs acquired its former parent company Graphene Labs.

Gerdau Graphene

Gerdau Graphene logoGerdau Graphene, established in 2019 and owned by Gerdau, the largest steel producer in the Americas, is developing graphene based applications.

Gerdau Graphene, a member of the University of Manchester's GEIC center, develops graphene-enhanced concrete, polymers, elastomers, lubricants, coatings and electronic sensors.

GIGA Graphene Technologies (GGT)

Giga Graphene Technologies specializes in the research, development, and application of graphene and other 2D advanced materials to make progress in diverse fields, from electronics to energy.

Global Graphene Group (G3)

Global Graphene Group (G3) logo imageGlobal Graphene Group (G3) develops, sells and licenses advanced graphene materials as well as graphene-enabled technologies for next-generation products such as phones, tires, paints, and electric vehicles.


GMCC logoEstablished in 2011 in Wuxi, China, GMCC ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY WUXI develops and produces graphene-enhanced energy storage products. In 2015, following years of R&D, GMCC launched its first product, a graphene-enhanced super capacitor.

GMCC currently offers single-cell capacitors, capacitor modules and capacitor management systems.


Grafine logoUK-based Grafine was established by two University of Manchester academics, to develop innovative high-performance rubbers, elastomers and other such soft materials enhanced with graphene.

Beyond its materials, Grafine is offering a range of technical development services to manufacturing companies.


Grafren company logo imageSweden-based Grafren develops smart textiles using its patented method to separate high-quality graphene flakes. Grafren was spun off from Linköping University, Sweden, in 2018.

Grahope New Materials

Xiwang Grahope logo imageGrahope New Materials (GNM) focuses on the R&D of graphene heating technology and the development of graphene products in general. It has created patented technology of graphene heating film and filed over 100 invention patents.

GNM was founded by Professor Feng Guanping, who is a Chinese graphene industry pioneer, honorary president of Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute, and president of the Shenzhen Graphene Association. GNM has four R&D subsidiaries, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuxi and Changzhou.

Granode Materials

Granode Materials develops a method for producing a new graphene-based anode material for lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are meant to be cheaper and lighter with better storage capacity, creating a more sustainable alternative to today's lithium-ion batteries.

Granode Materials received its investment in 2021, when it was spun out of 2D Fab. A rights issue of 12 million SEK (around USD$1,327,000) was carried out. The funds were designated for product development and marketing. Investors include former head of SEB, Lars Thunell, and Almi Invest.


GraphAudio logoGraphAudio was established in 2016 to commercialize graphene-based acoustic products. GraphAudio's technology originated from UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab.

GraphAudio uses a 100% graphene driver to function as either an electrostatic speaker or a microphone-ultrasonic sensor. GraphAudio says it will launch graphene headphones and amplifiers as early as in 2022.


Grapheal logoGrapheal was spun-off from the Neel Institute CNRS Grenoble in 2019 to commercialize graphene-based medical patches that actively stimulates wound healing.

Graphene Composites

Graphene Composites logo imageGraphene Composites Limited (GC) is a nano-materials technology company that makes use of graphene, aerogels and other materials to produce a range of composites.

GC applies its core graphene/aerogel composite technology to three main product areas - armor, aerospace and renewable energy. Each product area applies this core technology in different ways where the combination of strength and lightness is emphasized.