Directa Plus says new research supports the use of its graphene nano-materials in COVID face masks

Directa Plus recently stated that a research paper has been published in the journal iScience, supporting the use of its ‘functionalized’ graphene as an antimicrobial material in face masks.

The peer-reviewed paper said the company's G+ nanomaterials and those from graphene oxide provide a critical opportunity to significantly increase face mask efficacy.

Directa said to date it has treated and supplied more than 240,000 meters of G+ graphene fabrics and produced and delivered more than one million G+ filters to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2021, Directa Plus also received positive test results confirming that its graphene nanoplatelets are not absorbed through human skin. The Company said this was the eighth in vitro test to show that there is no absorption potential for the Pure G+ powder.

Graphene has been used by many companies in the fight against Covid-19, through many types of coatings, masks and filters. In April 2021, graphene masks were deemed "potential health hazard" by Canadian authorities, and many companies have since carried out various tests to assure users of their products' safety.

Posted: Jul 13,2021 by Roni Peleg