Elcora announces completion of graphene facility

Elcora Advanced Materials recently reported on the progress of its Graphene R&D Lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Construction of the graphene production facility commenced in February 2016 and the equipment is now in place and commissioning is reportedly on schedule.

According to the company, the lab will develop and optimize a small industrial-sized graphene production chain, as well as conduct graphene research in energy storage, coatings and printed electronics, developing commercial applications. The (approximately) 2000 sq ft size Lab is designed to provide secondary refining of the company's graphite from the Ragedara Mine in Sri Lanka as well as other graphite deposits, and to produce quality graphene for distribution and sale to other R&D organizations. In addition, it will also be used to conduct Elcora's own internal graphene application development, as part of the company's vertical integration plan.

Once full production capacity is reached, the lab is expected to produce approximately 100 kg of high quality graphene per year. The company anticipates that full production capability will be reached by the end of June.

Posted: Jun 01,2016 by Roni Peleg