First Graphene Limited has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Engage Marine for the development of graphene-enhanced coatings and ropes for the marine industry. The Company and Engage Marine will work to commercialize the project outcomes with other global marine organizations.

FGR to collaborate with Engage Marine on graphene-enhanced coatings image

Following FGR's commissioning of its Henderson Commercial Graphene Facility, it has been involved with a number of industries that could benefit from the addition of graphene to existing product ranges. Research work has shown graphene can provide significant benefits to the maritime industry in a number of applications. The most obvious application is in anti-fouling paints and coatings, which promise benefits from improved performance and longer life between reapplications; every five years instead of the three-year standard now prevalent.

FGR has reported an encouraging approach from a maritime industry participant to work together to design and customize graphene-based products. The terms of the MOU cover collaboration on graphene enhanced anti-fouling as an additive to existing coatings or a new formulation; coatings with fire retardant and noise reduction properties for ship bulkhead doors and engine rooms that can be sprayed on; and graphene- enhanced polypropylene ropes.