Grafen and LUM to co-develop a new process to produce low-cost high-quality GNPs in bulk

Turkey's Grafen and Germany's LUM launched a new research towards water-based colloidal exfoliation process (called Liquid-Phase Direct Chemical Exfoliation)to produce graphene nanoplatelets in bulk. Grafen says that the new process is environmentally friendly, and will enable low-cost GNP production.

The companies report that initial phase research has already provided them with some strong results. The process converts large volume of raw graphite powder to graphene GNPs with nearly pristine crystal structure.

As part of the collaboration, LUM shares its expertise in colloidal stability of complex fluids to evaluate the graphene production processes developed by Grafen. The companies are using LUM's LUMiSizer system to characterize the stability of graphene suspensions. The LUMiSizer uses LUM's STEP-Technology and offers consistent and fast determination of stability of colloids.

Posted: Nov 24,2013 by Ron Mertens