Graphene 3D Lab develops a graphene-enabled composite with potential uses in the automotive and aerospace industries

Graphene 3D Lab recently announced that it has developed an innovative graphene composite material that was given the trade name "G6-ImpactTM", intended for users in the automotive, robotics, drone, aerospace industries and military sectors. G3L has filed a provisional patent application covering methods of production and formulation as well as the potential applications of the G6-ImpactTM material.

The new material reportedly features excellent rigidity and extraordinary absorption for both impact and vibration. Its high performance is ensured by G3L's proprietary formulation and production method. G6-ImpactTM will be an optimal material for applications where vibration damping is required on rigid surfaces, which could include sporting gear, power tools handles, automotive parts, and aerospace components.

The G6-ImpactTM composite material is developed based on a combination of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) resin, Carbon Fibers and Graphene Nanoplatelets. This new material will be manufactured by Graphene 3D in its New York facility and will be released both in the form of a filament suitable for 3D printing and in the pellet form for injection molding or thermoforming.

Graphene 3D Lab recently released a new product - a filament for 3D printing that is both highly electrically conductive and flexible.

Posted: Oct 26,2016 by Roni Peleg