A graphene-enhanced vehicle unveiled in Manchester

A vehicle made with graphene in its bodywork has recently been unveiled in Manchester. The car was made by Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) and graphene is said to be used in the car's panels. The BAC Mono spearheads an exhibition to highlight the future of graphene technology.

The BAC Mono has reportedly been road-tested and is being displayed at the National Graphene Institute in Manchester as part of the Science in the City festival from July 22-29. James Baker, graphene business director at The University of Manchester, said: "The graphene car is an excellent example of how graphene can be incorporated into existing products to improve performance".

In March 2016, Haydale announced that it was developing, along with BAC Mono, a graphene-enhanced body panel for BAC's single seat road car. The graphene-enhanced epoxy resin has reportedly delivered increased strength and a "significant weight and cost reduction".

Posted: Jul 24,2016 by Roni Peleg