Graphenea updates on progress of plans for mass production of high quality graphene

The Spain-based Graphenea recently announced that preparations are on track for mass production of 200 mm (8) diameter high quality graphene on Si/SiO2 wafers. Last week cleanroom components arrived to be assembled in a new production space at the company's location in San Sebastian. Production of 200 mm graphene on a new chemical vapor deposition system is expected to be up and running at the beginning of 2017.

The investment in the new lab will increase the company’s production capacity and quality of graphene wafers. The new addition will represent a tenfold expansion of Graphenea's production space, where it currently routinely manufactures high quality graphene with a diameter of 100 mm (4). The production capacity will increase 20-fold with the addition of the new line, to produce 4, 6, and 8 wafers as standard.Jesus de la Fuente, Graphenea's ceo, stated that "the new production line will be able to produce Graphene wafers up to 8" and expect a higher quality and less impurities in the graphene layers. The price of the Graphene wafers will be reduced specially for larger wafer sizes. We will announce the new prices at the beginning of 2017".

Graphenea recently purchased a BM Pro system from AIXTRON to increase its production capabilities, and discussed its CVD graphene status with Graphene-Info.

Posted: Oct 25,2016 by Roni Peleg