Haydale signs joint development agreement with Huntsman Advanced Materials

Haydale Graphene Industries announced that Haydale Composite Solutions (HCS), its wholly owned subsidiary, has formally entered into a joint development agreement with Huntsman Advanced Materials. This agreement has resulted from the successful preliminary work jointly undertaken with Huntsman, to develop a range of graphene enhanced resins to complement its current product range.

The agreement provides Huntsman with the exclusive worldwide rights to market, distribute and sell a range of its resins enhanced with Haydale's functionalised graphene. This will include ARALDITE epoxy resins. The agreement will allow Huntsman to purchase Haydale's graphene enhanced masterbatches for use in the fields of composites and adhesives. Huntsman has also agreed to work exclusively with HCS to further develop graphene enhanced masterbatches with specific targeted performance characteristics.

HCS and Huntsman have been jointly working together in the last year on the development of graphene-enhanced masterbatches and resin formulations with significant performance enhancements in terms of improved fracture toughness and thermal conductivity. After further development work to optimize both product performance and manufacturing processes, Huntsman's resins enhanced with Haydale's graphene technology will be evaluated by targeted customers looking to benefit from the fracture toughness or thermal conductivity property improvements.
Posted: Nov 28,2016 by Roni Peleg