Korea-based ETRI develops OLED display with graphene transparent electrodes

Researchers from the Korea-based ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) have used graphene transparent electrodes to create an OLED display, 370mm x 470mm in size.

ETRI graphene-electrode OLED prototype, Apr 2017

The ETRI team designed a process that can pattern a graphene-made transparent electrode in accurate size on a glass substrate. The researchers replaced indium tin oxide used for current commercial applications, that is a rare metal known for being brittle.

The team said a flexible substrate combined with graphene will allow for flexible displays that are thin enough to be used for wearable devices and clothes. They will attempt to use a plastic substrate instead of glass so that the process can be applied to wearable OLEDs.

ETRI has been working on graphene-enhanced OLEDs for some time and in 2016, ETRI researchers managed to develop a transparent OLED prototype that uses a graphene transparent electrode.

Posted: Apr 11,2017 by Roni Peleg