LiGC's laser-induced graphene filter based virus filter is now available for pre-order

Israel-based laser-induced graphene developer LIGC Application announced that its ViralWall air-purifier is now available for pre-order. The ViralWall costs $279, and will ship in April.

Using a graphene-based filter, the ViralWall "cleans the air from airborne bacteria and viruses and creates an invisible 1.2x1.6 meter air screen between people to prevent the spread of harmful airborne particles".

The Viralwall is based on a laser-induced graphene filter (produced in Israel by LIGC), that is placed between two contacts. When voltage is applied, the current eliminates germs and viruses (and also helps with smoke, allergens and more).

LIGC laser-induced graphene filter photo

In September 202 LIGC raised $3 Million in Series A funding.

Posted: Jan 22,2021 by Ron Mertens