Metalysis, a UK-based company focused on commercializing its proprietary electrochemical metal powder manufacturing technology, announced that it has successfully synthesized graphene using its process, with commercialization targeted towards 2017.

It was said that single-layer sheets of graphene have been synthesized at Metalysis’ industrial processing facilities, as well as bilayer and low multi-layer amalgamations. Metalysis stated that “Producing graphene could enable Metalysis to add new, lucrative markets to those it is already serving; markets in which our arrival could be highly disruptive when global product demand is considered against the sheer amount of graphene we could produce in conjunction with our Gen 4, and later Gen 5 modular expansions,” Vaughan said. “Gen 5, by way of illustration, envisages scaling up production capability for highly profitable niche multi-metal powders to thousands of tonnes per annum.”

While graphene is traditionally known to incur high costs of production, Metalysis can reportedly produce the material at no additional production cost to its conventional operations and it is now focused on further process optimization.

Graphene production at Metalysis represents a valuable opportunity to pursue additive revenue to the core titanium and tantalum metal powder production business, the company said, which primarily serves the 3D printing industry.