New project focuses on graphene-based inks for lighting applications

A collaborative Innovate UK project called Project Graphted that began on 1st April 2015 aims at evaluating Graphene’s potential as a transparent electrode when dispersed in a polymeric matrix. Graphted will be led by PolyPhotonix, a UK-based company that develops applications based on OLED lighting panels, and will include a 12 month feasibility study in which PolyPhotonix will be working in collaboration with Applied Graphene Materials and CPI (a UK-based R&D institute that helps companies develop and scale manufacturing processes).

The project seeks to provide proof of concept evidence that a Graphene-based electronic device can be successfully developed and fully categorised in terms of morphology and physical properties. If so, the approach holds potential to generate a range of electronic inks that can be utilised on a large scale. Application areas include OLEDs and organic photovoltaics (OPV).

Initial work on Project Graphted will examine use in phototherapy medical devices, with a long term view at larger area applications that utilise printed electronics technologies.

Source: uk-cpi

Posted: Aug 21,2015 by Roni Peleg