The NGI at The University of Manchester and William Blythe have announced the start of a new joint research project, targeting the development of high capacity graphene-related materials for use in the electric vehicle market.

The project will combine William Blythe’s core capabilities in inorganic synthetic chemistry and their graphene-oxide with the specialist experience of The University of Manchester’s Professor Robert Dryfe and the energy storage team at the NGI.

The two year project will be devoted to the development of anode materials which will enable the range of electric vehicles to compete with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Andrew Hurst, Managing Director at William Blythe commented: "We are excited to be undertaking this important development project with Professor Dryfe and his team at the NGI. A combination of William Blythe’s capability in inorganic chemistry and the Institute's global pre-eminence in graphene offers real potential to solve one of the significant problems limiting the adoption of electric vehicles." As part of the project, William Blythe will also supply graphene oxide to researchers throughout the NGI, allowing easier access to William Blythe’s material which is already in use in a number of projects at the Institute.