Recent advances position NanoXplore as a leading graphene company

Recent news from NanoXplore successful $2.7M financing round, launch of their three tonnes/year production facility have positioned the company as a leading graphene company, and certainly a major player in North America.

The core of the company appears to be their production process, developed in-house. In addition to large capacity, they claim it creates very high quality (low defect) graphene, functionalized during production to facilitate mixing (dispersion) with a broad range of industrial materials. The range of products shows not only high quality graphene powders, but also a couple of unique offerings. Interestingly, they seem open to licensing their production technology.

NanoXplore is positioning themselves not only as a large volume producer of graphene, but also as a solutions developer for applications such as smart textiles, Li-ion batteries, lubricants, paints, and polymers. It will be interesting to see how they develop in 2015.

This was a sponsored post by Group NanoXplore

Posted: Mar 10,2015 by Ron Mertens