May 19, 2017

Researchers from the Institute of low temperature and structure research in Wroclaw, Poland, developed a new efficient white light source that uses graphene foam excitated by a continuous-wave laser. The laser opens up a bandgap in graphene which results in light emission that ranges from 360nm (UV) or 405nm (visible) to 980nm-1064nm (near-infrared).

Graphene foam based white-light source (wroclaw)

The researchers say that the light spectrum of this device is similar to the spectrum of the sun which is better than current light sources such as LEDs that offer light spectrum with strong peaks (the main problem is the strong blue light emission in LED lighting). This design can achieve a high efficiency (over 200 lm/W), high color rendering index (CRI > 99) and a broadband warm white color. The lifetime depends on the laser, which can be over 10,000 hours.

Graphene has a bright future in the lighting and display industries, for an in-depth study of graphene in these markets check out our market report here.

Graphene for Lighting and Displays



Graphene foam sounds like iron stone or dry water. If they make mistake or just lie,why you repeat the mistake? Did you check what you write?

Sulio, this was provided by the Institute of low temperature and structure research in Wroclaw, Poland.


As I said if they make mistake or lie (which today is not uncommon in scientific community) why you are not more skeptic? Tomorrow somebody can claim that he overwhelmed gravitation or light speed did you will publish? If yes,then next step is chemtrails. For such "inventions" is well to quote the source meaning link to source,in order everybody to verify by itself the truth.


I do not have a source link for this article, which we have seen at a recent conference.