Saint Jean Carbon enters the graphene market

Saint Jean Carbon is a publicly traded junior mining exploration company with graphite mining claims on five properties located in Canada. It has recently signed an initial Letter of Intent (LOI) with Graphenea to act as the distributor of a wide range of graphene products marketed to customers across the Canadian market.

Saint Jean Carbon's goal in working with Graphenea is to leverage its direct experience and contacts within the carbon and graphite sectors to expand its presence in the emerging graphene marketplace. The company has stated its interest in developing several graphene applications, like new compounds in energy storage and collection, bioelectric sensory devices used in DNA sequencing, nanoporous membranes used in desalination plants and high-strength light-weight carbon fibres in aerospace applications.

The company believes that one of the primary keys to its success will be the challenge of manufacturing graphene on a commercial scale. While Graphenea is bringing leading edge graphene products to market, Saint Jean is also looking at broader opportunities and will seek to expand its relationship with additional partners in order to establish a Canadian graphene manufacturing capability. To do so it has contacted a research facility engaged in the effort to produce cost-effective, commercial quantities of graphene. The Company will work towards this goal and hopes to license more production technology in the months ahead.

Posted: Apr 29,2015 by Roni Peleg