Graphene thermal conductivity

Haydale secures SMART funding to accelerate development of graphene infused heat transfer fluids

Haydale has announced the award of a SMART Flexible Innovation Support Grant ("SMART FIS") from the Welsh Government, to accelerate development of ultra-efficient, graphene infused heat transfer fluids.  This support will assist in the development and proof of concept of scientific innovations, in a commercial setting.

Hydratech, a division of Liquitherm Technologies Group and longtime manufacturer of aqueous-based heat transfer fluids, have been awarded a collaborative SMART FIS to work in partnership with Haydale on the project.

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Purdue team claims graphene's thermal conductance properties may not be as impressive as previously thought

Purdue researchers have examined graphene's thermal properties and found they may not be as revolutionary as previously thought. 

Graphene is often touted as the world's best heat conductor, surpassing diamond - which was previously thought to be able to transfer the most heat the quickest. Diamond’s thermal conductivity is generally understood to be about 2,000 W/(m K). But when scientists started measuring graphene’s thermal conductivity, early estimates reached above 5,000 W/(m K). However, subsequent experimental measurements and modeling have refined graphene’s thermal conductivity and brought the number down to around 3,000, which is still quite better than diamond. The Purdue team focused n this graphene property and found something altogether different.

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TEAMGROUP launches new G Series SSDs with graphene heatsinks

TeamGroup has announced that its portfolio of high-speed solid state drives (SSDs) is expanding, with the launch of four new models, including the T-Force G70 Pro, T-Force G70, T-Force G50 Pro, and T-Force G50. 

TEAMGROUP’s new T-Force G70, G70 Pro, G50 and G50 Pro are the company’s latest SSDs available in the M.2 2280 format. Each of these SSDs comes fitted with patented ultra-thin graphene heatsinks, however the G70 Pro is also available with an aluminium alloy heatsink that also fits within the PS5 SSD expansion slot.

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Will the iPhone 16 use graphene heat sink to solve overheating issues?

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 may use a graphene heat sink and a metal battery case to promote better heat transfer.

This follows complaints by iPhone 15 users about overheating, which Apple fixed via software, but the iPhone 16 is rumored to have a hardware solution, too. Apple associated the overheating with poorly optimized software and issued a software fix, but more effective cooling may also help.

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MSI to unveil new QD-OLED gaming monitors with graphene heat dispersion technology

MSI, a leading manufacturer of gaming hardware, has announced it will be expanding its QD-OLED gaming monitor lineup. The new monitors will reportedly make use of graphene's thermal conductivity in its heat management technology. 

All models will be equipped with the latest generation of QD-OLED panels and will be available in both curved and flat models. Among other thing, the new monitors will enjoy a fan-less design, enhanced with graphene thermal tech for efficient and silent heat dispersion. This further extends the lifespan of these innovative QD-OLED panels.

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GMG updates on commercialization progress

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has provided a business update on the commercialization progress of THERMAL-XR powered by GMG Graphene.

GMG has announced it has received forward orders of over AU$400k (around USD$255,000) for THERMAL-XR from various distributors and customers worldwide. Most of the value of these orders is conditional on the in-country approval for the THERMAL-XR to be imported from Australia and sold into that country for the product's initial launch.

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We interview the organizers of GrapChina, china's leading graphene event

The 2023 China International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA 2023), will be held in Shanghai, China from November 10 to 12, 2023. The conference will be jointly hosted by the National Graphene Innovation Center, Shanghai University and the Graphene Alliance (CGIA). Minyang Lu, the Deputy Secretary-General of the CGIA, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had regarding the upcoming conference.

Hello Minyang, thank you for your time. Can you tell us more about the GRAPCHINA event?

The International Graphene Innovation Conference has been successfully held for nine years. The number of participants has set a new record year each year, and its influence has continued to improve. The nine sessions attracted more than 4,000 enterprises, 23,000 participants and 1,200 experts in new materials field, which came from over 30 countries and regions around the world. At present, it has developed into a gathering place, a vanue and an international event for the world's cutting-edge graphene technology achievements and innovative products. The graphene application expo held simultaneously with the conference, will continuously inject new vitality into the development of the global graphene industry by gathering the global graphene industrialization achievements. 

The 2023 International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA 2023) will be organized by the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA), National Graphene Innovation Center (NGIC) and Shanghai University in Shanghai on November 10-12 of the year 2023. This year, GRAPCHINA 2023 will focus on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, international cooperation, and industrial and supply chain, we will work with end users to create a number of commercialization forums. 

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GMG reports that its plant is now operational

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has announced that it has commissioned its graphene-enhanced coating blending plant and it is now operational after making its first 1,000-liter blend.

Updating investors on the commercialization progress and sales development of THERMAL-XR, the Company said the blending plant is expected to have the capacity to produce up to 500,000 liters of THERMAL-XR RESTORE coating a year, subject to graphene production, when operating two blends per eight-hour shift, 250 days per year. This capacity enables future service growth well into the future, it added.

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Asus adds to its line of ROG Swift monitors with graphene heat management technology

At the beginning of June 2023, Asus unveiled the Asus ROG Swift OLED PG49WCD, a gaming monitor that uses graphene for thermal management. Now, Asus has added the PG32UCDM and PG34WCDM gaming monitors, each based on a different OLED panel technology. 

 Asus ROG Swift monitors (PG34WCDM, PG32UCDM, PG49WCD) photo

The PG32UCDM uses a 32" QD-OLED panel, produced by Samsung Display. The PG34WCDM monitor is based on a 34" MLA (microlens) WOLED curved panel, produced by LG Display. Both monitors make use of a graphene film for heat dissipation.

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Haydale announces new contract with Cadent for graphene ink-based low-power radiator heaters

Haydale has announced its next collaboration with Cadent, to develop graphene ink-based low-power radiator heaters. The £350,000 three-stage project will run for 12-months and is aiming to develop a tested and validated market-ready product as a cost-effective alternative for Cadent's customers when their gas supply is interrupted.

Following continued success on the low-power, battery operated water heating development, the aim for the latest project is to incorporate the same graphene-ink based technology into different designs to deliver bespoke solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.

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