Talga and Biomer to jointly explore the use of graphene in thermoplastics

Australia-based advanced materials technology company, Talga Resources, has advised that it has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Biomer Technology, a UK-based polymer manufacturing and technology company, to co-develop graphene-enhanced thermoplastics for potential commercialization in the healthcare and coating markets.

This initiative is in the composites sector under Talga’s graphene commercialization strategy. Highlights of the JDA include:

  • Creation of new multi-functional thermoplastic polyurethanes incorporating Talga functionalized graphene (“Talphene”) in Biomer polymers.
  • Terms for evaluation, five years exclusive supply in the event of commercialization of products and intellectual property ownership.
  • Commercialization of successful products for targeted biomedical and coating applications can be facilitated through Biomer’s existing global-scale commercial clients.

The agreement stipulates that Biomer will design and synthesize thermoplastic polyurethanes (“TPU”) incorporating Talga’s graphene (“Talphene”) products for evaluation in biomaterial (medical devices) and industrial coating (marine anti-fouling) among other applications.

The incorporation of amounts of Talphene into Biomer’s proprietary TPU is expected to improve a range of key performance characteristics including: chemical resistance, wear and abrasion resistance, biocompatibility/biofouling, mechanical strength, surface finish and electrical conductivity.

The Talphene-enhanced TPU will be evaluated alongside Biomer’s commercially available TPU and other polymers under development with Biomer’s global industrial partners.

Posted: Sep 04,2018 by Roni Peleg