Talga chooses new demonstration plant location

Talga Resources recently announced its plan to construct a graphene demonstration plant in central Germany. Now, the company declared it has chosen a leased site on which to build the demo plant. The German site is within the Rudolstadt-Schwarza chemical processing hub in the state of Thuringia near the major regional town of Jena and will include a 1,248m2 production area, 323m2 office space and 1,167m2 ore dressing/warehouse.

Talga can now make preparations to commence next stage upscaling work on graphite ore mined from its flagship Vittangi project in Sweden, possibly as early as July of this year. It is also located just 35 kilometres from Talga’s Thuringia-based research partner, Friedrich-Schiller University at Jena.

The leasing deal is part of Talga’s strategy to capitalize on commercial opportunities in the region where graphene technologists and end-users are requiring near term large graphene samples. The plant will demonstrate commercial scale direct ore-to-graphene process technology capable of delivering industrial volumes for customer samples. Talga aims to remove volume and cost roadblocks, enabling end users to accelerate development of their graphene-based products to suit Talga’s full scale production in future.

Posted: May 18,2015 by Roni Peleg