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Talga Resources Ltd is a multi-national company focused on graphite mining and graphene supply and application development. The company mines graphite in Sweden, operates a test processing facility in Germany under Talga Advanced Materials GmbH and has a product development arm, Talga Technologies UK Ltd located in Cambridge, UK.

Talga is developing graphene products for additives to coatings, batteries, concrete and epoxy composites. Testing of Talga materials and products is underway with a range of corporations including industrial conglomerates Tata and BASF subsidiary Chemetall, UK listed Haydale, flexible battery maker Zinergy and German based Jena Batteries.

Talga Resources is a public company trading on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: TLG). In June 2016 the company raised $10 million in a placement.

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2 Richardson St
West Perth WA 6005

The latest Talga graphene news:

Talga and Biomer to jointly explore the use of graphene in thermoplastics

Australia-based advanced materials technology company, Talga Resources, has advised that it has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Biomer Technology, a UK-based polymer manufacturing and technology company, to co-develop graphene-enhanced thermoplastics for potential commercialization in the healthcare and coating markets.

This initiative is in the composites sector under Talga’s graphene commercialization strategy. Highlights of the JDA include:

  • Creation of new multi-functional thermoplastic polyurethanes incorporating Talga functionalized graphene (“Talphene”) in Biomer polymers.
  • Terms for evaluation, five years exclusive supply in the event of commercialization of products and intellectual property ownership.
  • Commercialization of successful products for targeted biomedical and coating applications can be facilitated through Biomer’s existing global-scale commercial clients.

Talga and BillerudKorsnäs to develop graphene-enhanced packaging applications

Talga Resources logo 2017Australia-based advanced materials technology company, Talga Resources, has advised that it has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with BillerudKorsnäs, a Sweden-based multinational packaging company.

Under the LOI, Talga and BillerudKorsnäs will jointly explore the potential benefits of incorporating a Talga graphene (Talphene) product into a BillerudKorsnäs packaging application.

Talga reports oversubscribed USD$6.3 million institutional placement

Talga Resources logo 2017Australian advanced materials technology company, Talga Resources, has announced an oversubscribed institutional placement that raised proceeds of approximately $8.5 million AUD (around $6.3 million USD). The oversubscribed placement was undertaken following in-bound interest from several new, high-quality institutional investors, in turn strengthening the Company’s share register.

The Company plans to apply the Placement proceeds towards further business growth and development including: Li-ion battery graphite and graphene product development (and scale up of battery anode commercial samples towards product marketing/offtake agreements), graphite resource to reserve conversion and advanced feasibility studies, cobalt project development including drilling and establishment of maiden JORC resources, exploration, metallurgy and preparation for potential cobalt IPO, general working capital and business development.

Talga Resources reports breakthrough on its graphene-infused concrete project

Australia-based advanced materials company Talga Resources has reported high levels of electrical conductivity in concrete by using an additive developed from the Company’s graphene-graphite research and development laboratory in the UK.

Talga reports advancements of graphene-enhanced concrete project image(L) Talga concrete sample after melting 5cm depth of ice from 9v power. (R) Conceptual underfloor heating/road application.

The reported breakthrough offers substantial potential in existing and emerging industrial applications, particularly as concrete is the world’s largest construction material by volume. Talga shared information gathered from tests that show that the graphene-enhanced concrete is highly electrically conductive - attaining 0.05 ohm.cm volume resistivity.

Talga to participate in ‘Faraday Battery Challenge’ program

Talga Resources logo 2017Australia-based Talga Resources and its UK subsidiary Talga Technologies recently announced collaboration agreements to commence three UK Government Faraday Challenge battery programs. The execution of formal agreements follows the awarding of the grants under Faraday, a £246 million UK Government commitment over the next four years into battery development for automotive electrification. The initiative will encompass cell manufacture, modules, battery pack design/assembly and vehicle applications, and follows an undertaking by the UK Government to place a ban on new petrol and diesel engines by 2040.

Talga’s participation in the funding program of Innovate UK, the government development body, follows successful tests by Talga of its natural carbon materials and technologies in Li-ion batteries. Talga, together with its consortia partners, secured significant funding support under the ‘Innovation’ aspect of Faraday. Talga will receive a 70% rebate against its eligible costs, including salaries, consumables, equipment and contractor expenses. Talga’s participation in the programs range from 12-24 months and development activities will be led from Talga Technologies Limited in Cambridge UK, utilizing the Company's Swedish high grade graphite and functionalized graphene processed at Talga’s test facility in Germany.