Versarien enters agreement with Scalfell Organics to develop graphene-enhanced PAEK materials

Versarien, the advanced materials group, has signed an agreement with polymer chemical producer Scafell Organics to develop graphene-enhanced polyaryletherketone materials (PAEKs). These materials are a family of semi-crystalline thermoplastics with high-temperature stability and high mechanical strength, used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Versarien reportedly plans to utilize Scafell’s facilities and production expertise to produce graphene enhanced PAEK materials using Versarien supplied graphene nano platelets. It is hoped that these graphene enhanced materials will be available for sale by Versarien through its sales team as well as Scafell’s customers.

Scafell is an independent, specialist producer of niche polymer chemicals primarily for the chemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace markets.

Posted: Dec 18,2016 by Roni Peleg