The OLED Association, a trade group that promotes OLED technologies, published an interesting article in which they give predictions for the OLED market. The Association sees Samsung returning to the OLED TV market in 2017, and those upcoming OLED TVs will use several new technologies - including graphene-based transparent electrodes.

Samsung curved OLED TV launch photo 2

Samsung OLED TV (2013)

Last month we reported that researchers at Korea's ETRI developed transparent graphene-based electrodes for OLED panels. The researchers say that these new electrodes improve the transparency and "image quality" of OLEDs by 40 to 60 percent, compared to current silver-based electrodes. The researchers aim to continue the research and improve the performance of their electrodes.

Transparent graphene-based electrode have been researched by others as well. The German Fraunhofer Institute is developing such electrodes for OLED panels as part of the GLADIATOR project, and recently Graphene 3D Lab demonstrated a printed OLED lighting device with a graphene electrode. Plastic Logic (FlexEnable) demonstrated an E Ink display with graphene electrodes back in 2014, and the company is also working on an OLED panel using similar electrodes.