Zenyatta logoZenyatta Ventures has announced its plans to raise up to $3,000,000 CAD (around $2,240,000 USD) on a non-brokered private placement basis. The proceeds will be used for bulk sampling, environmental assessment and community engagement.

Zentayya also provided an update on its graphene market development work ,which has led to the creation of five significant potential market verticals for the Company which include aerospace, biomedical, water treatment, transportation and civil engineering.

Zenyatta is working in close collaboration with researchers both in industry and in academia. From the work done over the past 6 months, the Company is now actively collaborating with 22 industrial end users and 10 Canadian universities. It is also reportedly receiving significant interest from multiple Canadian government agencies who have already directly contributed over $2 million CAD to its graphene research and development work.

Dr. Francis Dubé Co-CEO commented, “Our model of bringing together end-users with specific graphene-related opportunities and researchers from top Canadian Universities to provide industry specific graphene solutions is proving to be attractive to all parties. We are creating win-win-win scenarios for everyone involved as we help solve industry challenges in delivering the power of graphene to end-users. Our work is also bringing leading edge research projects to Canadian academia and creating demand for our graphene products while developing potentially valuable intellectual property (IP) protected inventions. The work being done across the country has the potential to make Canada a leader in the emerging clean technology-oriented graphene industry.”

These are the Company's focuses, by main interest areas:

In the Aerospace field, Zenyatta is working on graphene hydrogen applications, lightning strike protection, composite enhancement, solid state heat sinks, solid state wiring, leading edge/wing de-icing, ceramic Armour, radar/sonar absorption, technical/smart fabrics, personal body armor, Graphene Oxide (GO) in jet fuel, lighter cargo containers.

In the biomedical applications field: oncology treatment using Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) to deliver targeted therapies, diabetes, other standard diagnostic testing with functionalized GO sensors.

In the water treatment field: graphene based desalination membranes and other water purification products.

In the transportation field: applications with auto makers and resin manufacturers for: Heat Sinks & Light-weighting, graphene wires for electric motors, graphene 3D printing apps to deliver weight savings, (GO) fuel additives (diesel & jet fuel), hydrogen economy: fuel cells, electrolysis units, next-generation fuel cells with graphene 3D printed circuits and graphene plates.