Aixtron is a key partner in several graphene research projects, extends their portfolio to include more 2D materials

Aixtron reported today that the company is involved with several European graphene research projects. In fact, Aixtron says they are a key-partner in several EU projects. First of all, Aixtron is leading Production Work Package in the Graphene Flagship, EU's $1 billion graphene drive.

In the GRAFOL project, Aixtron applies their scaling know-how to develop large scale equipment for wafer-based graphene and continuous production of foil-based graphene for transistors and transparent conductive films. In another project called MEM4WIN Aixtron employs their batch-based deposition technology to improve the throughput of graphene production for smart windows.

Aixtron are also extending their portfolio to include new 2D materials such as boron nitride and dichalcogenides, which are inorganic analogues of graphene. Aixtron is part of the MoWSeS project, in which they are applying their technical expertise in complex material deposition to enable those high quality 2D materials to be synthesized for microelectronic applications such as transistors and flash memory.

Posted: Oct 30,2013 by Ron Mertens