Directa Plus to supply 250 kilos of G+ graphene to Vittoria

Directa Plus recently received a purchase order from Vittoria, for 250 kilos of G+ graphene. The material is meant for use in the Italian company's range of graphene-enhanced bicycle tyres and wheels. Directa Plus says it expects to receive further orders during 2018.

Vittoria makes seven million tyres per year, and claims that adding a layer of graphene allows its tyres to remain hard on the straights but soften during braking or cornering. The Graphene+ tyres are also longer-lasting and more puncture resistant, says the Italian company, and they dissipate heat more efficiently.

Directa Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo said: This order for our Graphene Plus from one of our long-term partners strengthens our belief that the quantity of graphene-based products sold by Directa Plus for commercial use this year ranks amongst the largest in the market."

Directa Plus supplies graphene to Vittoria as three-to-seven-atoms thick nano-platelets. A Qurano wheel made with graphene, says Vittoria, has 50% more lateral stiffness, 10% better heat dissipation, 18% more impact strength and yet is 15% lighter. Vittoria is an investor in Directa Plus.

Posted: Dec 21,2017 by Roni Peleg