Future Markets released a new market report (The Global Market for Graphene to 2025) in which they estimate that the graphene market (mostly raw materials sales) was about $9-12 million in 2013 and $15-20 million in 2014. They estimate the market to grow to around $25-45 million in 2015.

According to the report, there is currently an oversupply situation in the graphene market - especially for low quality graphene. Most graphene sales are of graphene flakes (nanoplatelets) and conductive inks, while larger graphene sheets grown using CVD are used mainly for R&D. The main markets for graphene in the next 5-7 years will be Lithium batteries, conductive inks, sensors, supercapacitors, composites and transparent conductive films.

Interestingly, Future Market states that Samsung already produces smartphone touch screens using graphene electrodes - which is the first time we hear of this.