Garmor logoGarmor, a graphene technology provider and developer of advanced customer-driven applications, has developed graphene-based composites ideal for high-volume electronic and energy storage applications. By leveraging inexpensive manufacturing methods to produce few-layer graphene oxide (GO) along with innovative composite compression molding processes, Garmor produced compression-moldable GO-composites that can be shaped and stamped into almost any form factor. Garmor is currently establishing strategic business relationships to deploy this technological advancement in applications focused on energy production and storage.

These composites exhibit nearly isotropic electrical conductivity exceeding 1,000 S/cm delivering a unique, omnidirectional conductive substrate. Equally impressive is that these GO-enhanced materials include a polymeric resin that is inherently chemically resistant and allows for increased lifetime even in harsh operating environments.

One of the most promising applications for this composite technology is in bipolar plates used in fuel cells and flow batteries. Garmor’s technology currently exceeds the Department of Energy performance specifications for electrical conductivity in automotive bipolar plates (>100 S/cm). Strong demand also exists in the thermal heat spreader market where the GO-enhanced composite offers an equally impressive thermal conductivity that can be tailored to deliver preferred anisotropic heat dissipation.