Graphenest launches two graphene products with pre-order campaign

Graphenest logoGraphenest has launched two products, based on a proprietary graphene production method, now available to pre-order with a campaign price for a limited time.

The first product is HexaShield, a graphene-based paintable coating for RF electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiation shielding. It reportedly provides drastic weight reduction, and reduced manufacturing cost as compared to metals, while achieving the required protection for the Gigahertz frequency range.

The second product is HexaMatrix, a strong graphene-reinforced epoxy for fiber composites that provides weight reduction and the ability to reduce fiber content while increasing strength. It also improves injection/impregnation flowability and offers higher resistance to harsh chemical environments.

Graphenest is taking an innovative approach with its Early Adopter Program (EAP), that provides access to innovative technologies & products before they are available to the public. It offers strategic partners the ability to pilot custom formulations for their exclusive applications. More details can be found on the Company's website.

Posted: Jan 16,2019 by Roni Peleg