HydroGraph announces partnership with Manchester U's GEIC and expands application development

HydroGraph Clean Power, a manufacturer of graphene, has announced it is expanding its application development capabilities to meet growing global demand by establishing a partnership with the University of Manchester’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Center (GEIC) commencing in October of 2023. 

This strategic collaboration will aim to significantly enhance and ‘de-risk’ HydroGraph's application development capabilities. The GEIC, formed to commercialize graphene-related technologies and products, specializes in rapidly scaling up applications involving composites, building materials, membranes, inks, and coatings. To support their mission the £60 million GEIC facility was established with significant lab and engineering space that houses state-of-the-art testing and application development equipment, supported by experienced and knowledgeable team. Hydrograph will scale up this critical application development work by leveraging the resources at the GEIC with a team of commercially focused scientists and engineers to support industry adoption of its "99.8% pristine fractal graphene".


“The GEIC specializes in the rapid development and scaling of graphene in various applications. Furthermore, our facility attracts potential end-market customers, making us well-suited to assist HydroGraph in developing applications for its unique fractal graphene. We look forward to partnering with HydroGraph and look forward to a transformative collaboration in graphene applications,” said James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester and Professor of Practice.

HydroGraph will initially be focusing on application areas aligned with its strategic focus of composites, coatings, and energy storage, scaling up to include other application areas based on market demand.

“We are thrilled to bring what we believe to be one of the highest-performing materials in the industry to Manchester, the home of graphene, and look forward to expanding our application capabilities as well as building strategic partnerships and customer engagements,” said Kjirstin Breure, HydroGraph director and president.

Posted: Sep 21,2023 by Roni Peleg