Korean companies are securing essential graphene patents in Korea

The Korean Intellectual Property Office posted some interesting figures today. They report that Korean companies are securing essential patents related to the commercialization of graphene - and several companies are making inroads into graphene production and manufacturing transparent graphene-based displays.

Between 2005 and June 2013 a total of 2,921 graphene-related patents have been applied for in Korea, and the rate is accelerating quickly. 93% of those patents have been applied for by Korean individuals and organizations.

The leading company is Samsung, followed by LG, SungKyunKwan University the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the Seoul National University R&DB Foundation. Of the non-Korean entities, the leading company is the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) of Japan.

57% of the patents are related to development of nanodevices (such as optical and electronic devices, secondary batteries, and solar cells). 38% are related to nanomaterials (nanopowder materials, nanostructures, high-functional materials, etc.).

If we look at the applications, then 37% of the patents are related to optical and electronic devices (displays, memory, semiconductors, etc.), 23% are related to nanopowder materials, 5.8% are related to batteries and 4.3% are related to solar cells.

Posted: Sep 07,2013 by Ron Mertens