LG logoLG Corporation, based in South Korea, is a multinational conglomerate corporation that is involved with electronics, displays (LCD, plasma and OLEDs), telecom, chemicals and more.

LG has an active graphene research and has filed for many graphene patents. According to our information, LG Electronics is aiming to soon start offering CVD graphene sheets using its proprietary roll-to-roll production process.

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The latest LG graphene news:

LG Electronics to start offering CVD graphene materials

According to our information, LG Electronics is aiming to start supplying CVD graphene materials worldwide soon, with an aim to accelerate the adoption of CVD graphene in various applications. LG is collaborating with research groups to identify new applications for graphene sheets.

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LG Electronics developed its own roll-to-roll production process in addition to a specific quality control system for its graphene. LG says that its inspection system can manage uniformity deviations in crystal size, defects and electrical properties in its graphene to within 10%.

LG Chem launches a battery technology challenge

LG Chem has announced a Battery Challenge - a startup innovation competition designed to accelerate the adoption of new battery technologies, business models and ideas around the world. While not focused solely on graphene battery technologies, this competition could be a wonderful opportunity for companies to showcase and promote their graphene-based battery products and ideas.

LG Chem is offering up to $2 million in cash prizes and investment opportunities with a demo day in Silicon Valley and a sponsored week-long trip to South Korea to visit their HQ and facilities. LG Chem is interested in partnering with startups/teams working on new materials, management and control, innovative cell design, manufacturing processes and more.

LG files a patent for graphene microwaves

A newly published patent filing from LG reveals the specifications for a next-gen microwave oven that includes a graphene door to prevent the radiation inside from leaking out, ensuring more uniform heating. While the microwave itself sounds interesting, it seems that the manufacturing process, which follows a special layering approach, is the real innovation.

The process begins when a catalyst metal with microwave shielding properties such as copper is sandwiched between two layers of graphene synthesized by CVD. Next, a number of support materials are added to the structure in order to support the subsequent etching phases, which pattern the individual layers in a way that exposes both the graphene absorbent and the catalyst metal with its shielding properties for double effect.

Graphene-based membrane can be a thousand fold more breathable than Goretex

Researchers from ETH Zurich and LG Electronics developed a stable porous membrane made from only 2 layers of graphene. They say that this is the thinnest possible porous membrane that is technologically possible to make.

The new membrane can be used as a filter for several different purposes - such as waterproof clothing. In fact the researchers say that their membrane will be a thousand fold more breathable than Goretex! Other applications may include water filteration and gas and liquid flow rate measurements.

Korean companies are securing essential graphene patents in Korea

The Korean Intellectual Property Office posted some interesting figures today. They report that Korean companies are securing essential patents related to the commercialization of graphene - and several companies are making inroads into graphene production and manufacturing transparent graphene-based displays.

Between 2005 and June 2013 a total of 2,921 graphene-related patents have been applied for in Korea, and the rate is accelerating quickly. 93% of those patents have been applied for by Korean individuals and organizations.